Best Cooking Torches Reviews

Best Cooking Torches Reviews

JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch
Cooking in safety is more enjoyable
Lifetime guarantee kitchen torch
A must professional kitchen utensil for all
Culinary Torch - Creme Brulee Torch
Used in the finest restaurants
Features Anti-Flare technology
Built with a heavy duty metal body for long lasting use
EurKitchen Butane Torch
Money-Back Guarantee and Warranty
Ergonomic TUV CE certified aluminum
Perfect for professional and creative home chefs alike

There are countless tools you can use in the kitchen, and you have to admit that things got a lot easier since technology took off. If before you had to go to a restaurant to eat some fancy food, now you have the option of buying all the right tools and do that fancy food in your own kitchen. The best cooking torch is a reliable tool that you can use in many circumstances. Do not let the name fool you and think that you can use it only in the kitchen. If you like, you can use it in other situations as well.

Why is a cooking torch useful around the house?

As you can imagine, there are many applications for the kitchen torch, which is why manufacturers have flooded the market with all sorts of models. Here is why it may prove in handy around the house.

  • Kitchen – this may be the primary reason you buy a cooking torch in the first place, but there are others as well. We will get to that later, but in the kitchen, a cooking torch will be extremely helpful. You can use to caramelize the sugar on the famous crème Brulee, melt cheese, glaze ham, and last but not least, give that crunchy exterior to a perfectly cooked piece of beef. And let’s not forget about smores, toast bread, and grilled seafood. I am sure you can think of a dozen other things you can do with the torch.
  • Repairs – yes, you read that right. You can use a cooking torch to make small repairs around the house. Nothing significant, of course, but you can shrink things, cut ropes, weld two things together, or use it for soldering electronics. You can also use it for plumbing like defrosting and thawing frozen pipes. A lot of people do. Not to mention that paint stripping is a lot easier with a torch than with other or no tools.
  • Jewelry – it may come as a surprise, but many people use a kitchen torch to solder earrings and repair small links. It is easier and cheaper than buying special tools.

What to consider before buying the best cooking torch?

People have different preferences when it comes to tools, but there are some aspects that are generally valid. Those are the things you need to consider before making a purchase. If you do not know what those aspects are, here is a list with the most significant in the matter.

  • Instant on and off ignition – you may think that the instant ignition would be on every torch, but it is not. In fact, cheap cooking torches are not designed properly, which is why some people may have some trouble with that. And it is not because they may be in danger or anything, but it may affect whatever it is that you are doing, which is not very convenient. That is why you need a model that has an efficient on and off button so that the fire starts and stops precisely when you need it to.
  • Adjustable flame – not every activity that involves a cooking torch needs the same amount of fire, which is why you should choose a model that has an adjustable flame. Look for a model that has a lever or a switch that will let you control just how much fire you need.
  • Multi-functional – while there are torches that can be used exclusively in the kitchen, maybe a versatile model will be more convenient. You do not know when you are going to use it, and it is best if you make the most of your product. Buy one that has multiple applications. For example, lighting a camping fire with a cooking torch is much easier than using matches.
  • Safety – safety is the most important aspect when you buy a kitchen torch. After all, the torch is powered by gas, which I do not have to tell you that is highly flammable. For that reason, you need to buy a product that is extra safe. A safety lock is advised. The lock prevents accidental ignition when you are holding it, but it is crucial for your device to have that feature if you have small children in the house. You how curious kids can be and a torch is not to be played with.
  • Design – you may think that design is not very important, but it is. Only when you buy an uncomfortable device, you realize how significant it is. My recommendation is to choose a model that is lightweight and has an ergonomically designed handle. That way you can use it for a long time without getting your hands tired.
  • Type of gas – while there is more than one type of gas that powers a kitchen torch, I would recommend that you go for a butane cooking torch. It is the most commonly used, and the gas can bring the temperature high enough to use it in most circumstances. However, that does not mean other gases as not good.

Do not forget about the cooking torch refill

As you already know, torches do not go on and on. They need to be refilled from time time. It depends on how much you use the torch and how large is the refill. Keep in mind that most products do not come with a refill, and you need to remember to buy one separately.

With that in mind, there is such thing as a low-quality butane refill. You do not need one that clogs your device with dirt and grime. As for my opinion, I think you should go for triple refined butane. It will keep your torch burning for a very long time, and at the same time, it will protect your torch from any damage. While you may think you got a great bargain, some refills will bring damage to your device, and you will end up with buying another kitchen torch.

When changing the refill, remember that safety is of the utmost importance. You must always check to see if the torch is not on and make sure that the safety switch is locked. To be absolutely confident, you can even turn the gas flow to a minimum. Follow the instructions from the manual carefully, and you should not have any incident.

What are the best cooking torches?

While I have not used them all, I currently own a kitchen torch and let me say that I am more than satisfied with it. Cooking torches are not expensive items, but they can prove to be very useful around the house. If you do not know which one to buy, I found three excellent suggestions that should be of help. They were chosen according to cooking torches reviews, so people have already bought and used them. Who else is more qualified to tell you if a particular product is good or bad other than an individual who has already purchased it?

JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch

Click here to buy on Amazon

I started with this one because it is the one I currently own. I have had it since last year, and let me tell you that it is an excellent product. I use it when I make crème Brulee, to melt cheese, and I love those seared tomatoes that I can do with this torch. But you can use it to glaze various foods, light a campfire, cigars, or whatever else comes to mind. The JB Chef cooking torch is versatile, and will not let you down.

The ignition is instant, just at a click of a button. It has a very efficient flame, and the device is made of high-quality materials, which makes it durable. Mine looks just like when I bought it. It never failed to ignite, and it is so very easy to use. At the same time, the JB Chef kitchen torch is very safe. It features a locking mechanism that will keep your cooking safe.

Everything you cook with this torch will come out to be perfect. The flame can be adjusted so that you can use the right amount of fire depending on what you are cooking. However, do not underestimate its power because it can reach a very high temperature. It works on butane, but keep in mind that just like most torches, it does not come with refills. You are going to have to buy that yourself. Replacing the refill is effortless, and as long as you follow the instructions, you should have no issue whatsoever. I am delighted with this product, and so shall you. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

LiBa Culinary Torch

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For your information, LiBa is one of the most popular brands among buyers. If you do a little research, you will find out that this manufacturer is everywhere. Every piece of article you are going to read contains at least one LiBa cooking torch. The reason behind it is that it is a reliable piece of work, and chances are you are going to own one of these for many years to come.

LiBa is used in restaurants, but you can easily use it at home as well. You can use it on desserts, ham, steaks, roast bell peppers, cheese, and much more. It is a versatile device, and you can use it however you see fit. The product is safe because it features an anti-flare technology with a safety lock. There is no possible way that the torch will ignite unless you want it to. Overall, the LiBa torch is simple to use.

The product also features a gas flow knob that will allow you to adjust the flame. Just so you know, it can reach up to 2730 degrees, so you best be careful with it. The materials used for its manufacture are of the highest quality, which makes it durable. Other features include a fuel gauge that will indicate when you need a refill, and the fire can burn up to 60 minutes. The gas you will need is butane, but keep in mind that the butane container is not included in the package.

EurKitchen Culinary Torch

Click here to buy on Amazon

Last but not least, EurKitchen comes with yet another product that will prove to be most useful in your kitchen. The cooking torch is safe and reliable, just as you need it to be, and you can do loads of things with it. You can use for culinary purposes, of course, but its versatility will allow you to use it in all sorts of circumstances.

The torch is made of high-quality aluminum and ABS plastic, so it has a lightweight design that will not cause muscle fatigue if you need to use the torch for longer. It features a burn-free finger guard and a safety lock that will prevent you from burning yourself by accident. The gas flow can also be controlled, and it has a safety lock as well so that you do not modify it accidentally. While it is advised to keep the torch out of reach of children, with the lock in place, they can hardly do anything with it.

The temperature of the flame can reach up to 2370 degrees, and the flare can reach 6 inches in length. Make sure that you learn how it works before using to prevent incidents. The ignition is instant, and the torch is powered by butane, which you need to buy separately. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

My recommendation

While all three torches are magnificent, I am going to recommend the one that is currently in my kitchen, the JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch. It is compact and lightweight, it will do an excellent job, and it has an affordable price. In my opinion, it is one of the best cooking torches on the market.


While there are many amazing tools you can buy for your kitchen, investing in the best cooking torch you can afford is a very good idea. You can do many things with it, it is safe, and you can get creative. One of the best things about it is that it is a versatile piece of machinery that will improve your cooking and other aspects of your house. That is why I think you should buy one. Click here to buy on Amazon

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